Why WordPress is great for real estate

WordPress is an amazingly versatile platform for creating high-quality sites.  While initially it started as online blog software, it has grown and evolved over the years to become a phenomenal system with which to build fully-fledged websites that power some of the most popular and highly-trafficed sites in the world.

It is a great way for you to set up a real estate website or blog because of the ease-of-use and the many ways that it can be customized.  There are several reasons why building a real estate site that is based on WordPress is beneficial:


As I just mentioned, one of the main features that WordPress offers is the ability to easily change, update, delete, or modify content.  You don’t have to be a web programmer to understand the basics and to use the core functions that are built into the platform.  For real estate professionals, this is an excellent feature because many agents are continually updating and changing their properties on their site.

It’s free!

One of the best selling points of WordPress is that it is completely free of charge.  There is no cost to install and set up your site.  It is what is called an Open Source system which means that the code is freely available to those who want to use it.


With thousands of themes available, it is very easy to make your site look professional.  While there are many themes that are completely free-of-charge, they do have “Premium Themes” that you pay for.  While the premium themes do cost a little money (usually very reasonable from $20 – $200 for a design), they often come with support to help you when problems arise.

A huge user-base and support community

One of the great things about using WordPress is the massive and loyal following that it has built over the years.  There is a huge fan and user base that are very willing to help you if you have questions or are trying to find a solution to fit your needs.  The other additional benefit of a large amount of people using WordPress is that there are always new features, themes, and enhancements that are being developed that you can use.

Easy to implement features

WordPress offers free (for the most part) enhancements or optional features that you can add into your site called “Plugins.”  These plugins allow you to add cool functionality to your site that might otherwise involve programming or development.  They are aptly named, because you just upload them and activate them and you have additional features!

Why WordPress is great for real estate sites or blogs

These few main points are some of the many reasons that choosing to power your site through WordPress is an excellent idea.  There are literally millions of people around the world who use WordPress to power their sites and blogs every day, and more people launch thousands of sites each day with this amazing publishing tool.

So the next time that you are wanting to launch a real estate website or blog, I would highly recommend trying out WordPress (you’ll be glad you did).

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